Chaos, The Bringer of Equilibrium

Counterpose: Chaos, the Bringer of EquilibriumCounterpose: Chaos, the Bringer of Equilibrium, oil on linen, 36 x 42 inches, studio inventory


Chaos was depressed. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t manage to cope with all of the contradictory forces within her: darkness, burning lights, forms, demons, angels, and bright colors. No single element was the answer to the meaning of existence. It was as if a hundred opinionated voices were speaking all at once, forcefully demanding their spot at the top of the heap. There was nothing tangible to fight, and there was no place to flee. She said: “What an unbearable life.”


There was one tiny, microscopic Sublime atom in the chaotic flux that wasn’t fighting, yelling, or competing. It softly mused: “This is all so silly because there is beauty in everything and everything has its nature. I know there is sense to all of this, we only need to discover the key.”

Through all the din Chaos could still hear this tiny voice. Like a sailor cast adrift in a violent sea, she saw this voice as a small beacon of light way off in the distance, and with a sliver of hope she started in that direction. But the forces didn’t surrender without a fight and they began to become more vocal. She inhaled deeply and exhaled, and then said to them,  “Okay, I am ready to listen to all of you, but not too many at the same time.”


Darkness was the first to speak up and it said: “I want to absorb all the color and light energy in the universe and leave nothing but emptiness in my wake.”


Chaos responded: “Darkness you are so rich and mysterious with vast depth that attracts us. But if you swallow all the energy in the universe everything, including you, will cease to exist.” The Black Hole scowled, but its expression was hard to see.


Then Light spoke up: “Darkness is nothing, while I light up the world.”


Chaos smiled at this and replied: “Indeed you give marvelous warmth and energy to living things, but if you didn’t have darkness to temper your power you would fry everything to a crisp leaving no one to notice your brilliance.” Light fumed, but listened, and cast an eye over to Darkness, and wondered if they could be friends.


Next to speak up was Form: “I think light and darkness are worthless. By themselves they are just a bunch of vibrations and anti-vibrations, while I have substance, and I am something you can touch. I rule!”


Chaos replied: “Form, what a brilliant observation! Indeed, Light and Darkness can’t do it alone. You catch Light on one side, and your substance gives more mystery to Darkness. Though you exist in splendid shape, do you think anyone could see you if it weren’t for Light and Darkness?”


Form, Light, and Darkness were mulling these new thoughts–and not in a bad way.


Demon, the Devil’s Advocate, spoke up: “Just having light, shape, and shadows is so boring, and what is the point? Just a bunch of wispy things playing around with a dumbass rock. I am here to cause pain and question your certainty.”


Chaos thought for awhile and replied: “You are so wrong Demon! You are the best friend anyone could have! You let us know that we could cease to exist. The pain you cause is the greatest alarm system we could have, and your cynicism challenges our complacency and helps us dream big romantic alternatives.” The Demon rather enjoyed hearing his bad boy persona being praised, but he didn’t really understand it.


The Angel floated up above them and cast a kind but uppity look at the Demon and the rest of them and said: “All of you are marvelous. If I were here alone everything would be so quiet, white, blissful, weightless, just like floating in a cloud of nirvana. And really quite dull. Your battles, drives, energy, and pain make the moments with me a divine experience that can recharge the spirit.”


Chaos saw the reason in this.


Last to speak was the Color Wheel. It wasn’t one entity but rather a group of psychotic colors that went off on any emotion. Each one felt that their color was the most beautiful, most expressive, and gave the most excitement to the Universe. No one could hear what they were saying because they were forever contradicting the color on the opposite side. Blue fought Orange, Yellow fought Purple, and all around the wheel.


The Colors puzzled Chaos and she kind of lost her temper with them, and said: “You are all so freaking beautiful, you delight our eyes and sing to our spirits, why do you have to fight so?”


At this point Darkness and Light spoke up as a duo: “If you agree we will mentor you and group you into warm lights and cool shades, or vice versa. Instead of fighting each other you could become complementary and exchange energy, making each other even more beautiful. Do you agree?” And the Colors said, “Yes!”


One by one Chaos questioned the other forces and asked if they were on board with this synergistic way of teaming up their natures, each getting full recognition for their power and uniqueness, yet complimenting their rival force. Chaos was in luck. They all agreed and quite spontaneously began to sing as a chorus.


What Chaos discovered was that sublimity is about beauty of another kind. It is a balance of rival forces that joust against each other creating tension, vitality, evolution, and life. From that moment on Chaos’ new epithet was, “the Bringer of Equilibrium.”

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