Student Testimonials

I studied with Michael Newberry for a year, and twenty five years later still use at least one thing which he taught me—about color theory, massing of shadow, the ranking of lights and darks, and sketching the figure, finding the lyrical line—every single day in my studio. He is a skilled communicator, a passionate artist and instructor, and my year studying with him was one of the best investments of my career. I would recommend Michael’s instruction one hundred percent.

Melissa Hefferlin

Michael will help you evolve no matter where the level of your skill might be. He will guide you and help you with good techniques but at the same time, he respects the integrity of your personal artistic skill by allowing you the freedom to be yourself within your own art. I enjoy his mentorship. Within 6 months under his guidance and personal attention to my artistic needs, I am painting like there is no tomorrow, after each session, I could see how much I’ve learned and continue to evolve, it’s a life changing experience for me!!!

Chan Luu

I have studied figure drawing, painting and pastel with Michael – both in classes and in workshops. All these experiences were, first – valuable and very specific learning experiences that, second – expanded and honed my artistic inclinations and third – were great and convivial pleasures. To this day, as I continue to work on my own or to look at others’ art, I hear Michael’s concepts, encouragements, and criticisms and in my head.

Susan Geller

If you would like work with me send me some of your work, and a few words of what you would love to accomplish:

I don’t believe that my artwork would have reached the level that it has without Michael’s mentorship. It has been such a privilege to learn from a master. Through him I have learned how to use colour and tonal values to create depth and how to manipulate space. He has encouraged me to work to my strengths which, in turn, has improved my weaknesses. His teaching style provides support while challenging you to reach higher levels. I look forward to continue under his tutelage.   

Anita Murphy

I began art lessons with Michael as a true beginning student. Michael was patient and kind, but honest, which allowed me to progress while not feeling intimidated. I was excited to learn about technique with different media, color theory and light. Michael’s passion and knowledge instills positive energy in his students.

Dee Dee Gartman

Michael is a gentle but firm instructor, encouraging and supportive. Through working with him I learned the foundation principles necessary to create a meaningful work of art: color theory, the hierarchy of the lights and darks, the massing of shadows, the concept of transparency. And much more. Michael’s teaching transcends technique. He brings passion and integrity to the process. He is an excellent communicator. He allows you the freedom to develop your own personal style of expression. I am grateful for our time together. I took away a strong foundation, a structure that continues to guide my creative expression. 

Sue Johnson

I have spent several years searching for a way to express my feelings through art, but simply couldn’t find one. It hasn’t been until now, being part of Michael Newberry’s Mentor Program, that I have been given the tools to make this search so much easier. Michael has a magical way to forward his feeling for art to his apprentices in a way that all of the sudden the technique, feelings and skills, become your own. The dedication to his program and apprentices comes from the love and passion he has for Art and is so real in his work.

This is the best art experience I have had in my life and I will be forever grateful to him for this.

Mary Woodul

I was a bit nervous about the workshop, very similar to coming back to school after summer vacation, wondering if I had forgotten everything I had learned the previous term. I just knew, even before going on the trip, that I would be with like minded people passionate about art.  I loved the fact that the other students, Susan and Luxman, were both as convinced as I was of the talent and teaching ability of our instructor! Our accommodations were good, and my memory foam mattress was so very comfortable! I think I would have rather stayed on a ground floor, but the stairs were ok :) I think our cook Agnes’ daily dinners were such a wonderful part of the whole experience. 

The teaching was a good balance between being flexible and relaxed, and focused, hard work!  What I mean by that was I feel we all really applied ourselves and tried to learn as much as we could from each situation. Because of our small class size, we each received lots of attention and this was really invaluable.  After my initial success that first day, my confidence level went way up and I was able to enjoy the whole experience. 

I thought all the sites we visited were just superb.  We certainly adjusted things well when “le mistrail’ blew so hard, and it lead to one of my most treasured drawings, the fruit basket ‘still life’.  

Yes, several lessons learned:  1. Look for the shadows, drive towards the light, 2. Make your corners interesting in composing a picture, 3. If you share the ‘perfect picture’, there’s no need to search for another “perfect” shot. 4.  The feedback of my peers was a very enriching experience. 

Yes, I highly recommend this workshop!

Dan Zimmerman

What a fortunate opportunity to be included in an art trip to Arles, France in May 2019. History and beauty came together in this magical Mediterranean environment. Michael Newberry’s unique mastery of light and shadows at the Van Gogh Museum in St. Remy, an ancient Roman Amphitheatre and a bird sanctuary in Camargue, brought these places to life, as we created pastel drawings. A gifted teacher, Michael spent every minute coaching us to observe elements we would not have been able to capture. Our guide Mathieu Brousses was magnificent and could not hide his love of the region. We visited only the most interesting places, all off the beaten path. I would do this trip again in a heart beat!

Susan Surber

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