Update 2, Evolution Through Art: A Psychological and Aesthetic Journey by Michael Newberry

I hope everyone is doing okay in these early stages of quarantining. Heartbreaking. Around the start of it I came up with the concept to write this book on aesthetics. I am dividing my time painting, writing the book, and, it seems, washing dishes.

I am writing my first book: Evolution Through Art. I have written the Introduction, and the first two chapters, about 4,000 words. Good early reports back from my copy editor who is a rhetorician! It is a story of how art plays the leading role in our evolution. It is a journey of profound respect and gratitude to the evolutionary artists that had the minds, substance, and courage to follow their truth. Often they fought against tremendous opposition from practical reality, their own arguments, peer pressure, philosophies, religions, and psychologically-impotent sadistic authorities!

From the Introduction: Complex interconnections of perceptions, emotions, and thoughts make up the human psyche. Art connects all these elements. Indeed it is our guardian spirit. This book is about how human evolution comes about through art; both on the grand scale as a species and intimately on a personal level.

It is too early to worry about self-publishing or getting a publisher, beta readers or a street team! Love that, “Street Team,” may I be so blessed?! I am very fortunate to have a great team of an editor, advisers, and a production king. Definitely in very good hands.

Be safe, hope your projects are going great, and we all will get through this.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 3/20/2020

5 Replies to “Update 2, Evolution Through Art: A Psychological and Aesthetic Journey by Michael Newberry”

  1. Wonderful title. Notice that the title itself communicates and each word you have written as a witness, to the guardian spirit that is Art is so clear and powerful.
    It will be as innovative and especially beautifully uplifting …
    Reminds me of those few classics, eg Scarlett letter where the thinking took decades but the writing just a month…
    This book IS the whole of your Art Journey!!
    Wish you great joy in this project.

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