With the riots going on I could not help think of the L.A. riots and the trashed Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Don’t worry the museum wasn’t trashed by the rioters but from within. It is where I got introduced to perhaps the most disgusting artist of all time, Paul McCarthy. He is pictured below in a performance piece going down on a hot dog. And a few more pictures from recent and past LAMOCA exhibitions, lol, including a vid of Chris Burden being shot for art.

Here is a list of the current board of directors:

Maria Seferian, Chair
Carolyn Clark Powers, President
Eugenio Lopez, Vice Chair
Heather Podesta, Secretary
Maurice Marciano, Chair Emeritus
Clifford J. Einstein, Chair Emeritus
Dallas Price – Van Breda, President Emeritus
Jeffrey Soros, President Emeritus

Two last names stand out, Soros and Podesta. Jeffrey is a nephew of George Soros and Heather is the ex-wife of Tony Podesta, infamously connected to the spirit-cooking artist Marina Abramovic. Dear Tony, I’m so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you would be able to let me know if your brother’s joining? All my love, Marina

Spirit Cooking was a book and an Italian exhibition. The walls were covered in statements in pigs blood: Fresh morning urine. Sprinkle over nightmare dreams … With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain … Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk. Drink on earthquake nights.

Some of these people on the board are either dumb as rocks or they have the postmodern agenda to destroy the minds of the masses. Gotta question the motives of people that want to devolutionize people and not lift them up? What do you think is motivating them?

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 6/1/2020

TOMBS: Termination of mind, body, and soul.

4 Replies to “TOMBS 4: L.A. MOCA”

  1. Ah, Paul McCarthy, my own teacher. In his class, I did 4 performances, and we never discussed them. They were all guerilla performances. We were supposed to schedule them, but I just did them. Paul and I got off to a bad start, because he accused me of being “locked in the rectangle” because I was a painter. He knew he f_cked up the next week when I did a performance in front of the elevators on the 4th floor of the art building, nude, locked in a wooden rectangle (like the stocks) I had created for the purpose, and with signs that said, “Paul McCarthy say’s I’m locked in the rectangle”.

    One day people came to class to find me buried in a box of sand. Only a tube showed that I breathed through. Another time during class I removed the lid of a 5-gallon bucket I mysteriously had with me, quietly dipped my head in the 5-gallons of blood I’d purchased from a slaughter house, held my breath as long as I could, and then just sat there motionless with my head drenched in blood (which congealed over my eyes). Another time I appeared in a box with only my hand locked visible.

    We never talked about my performances, because it was understood that I was somehow not on the same side as the teacher. I don’t know how he processed having a student do the most outrageous performances in his class, but who didn’t want or expect any praise, and wasn’t on the same side of the fence about art. One of my strategies in art school was to beat them at their own game. It worked for a while, but ultimately I was disqualified for an art career because of my DNA.

    That said, I’m not really against performance art. I just didn’t like McCarthy, who was openly anti-painting and painters (’twas the mindset of the time, and still is). I’m find with people doing all manner of art — I prefer it that way — but reject the bullshit notion that conceptual art replaces painting and makes it redundant.

    My rant is longer than your article, I think. Oops.

    1. Haha yes definitely longer than my article. Great story. Yeah he would know you didn’t possess is deep seated creepiness. I’m afraid though you’re caught in the middle of a war, these aesthetics are incapable. Poison or nourishment. Thanks for commenting, I loved it.

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