God Releasing Starts Into the Universe by Michael Newberry

I recently had made and sent the first of a hundred of this image as a Giclee.  I work on the original from 1994 to the end of 1999. It’s huge, 82×77”. It had just one theme, what does creating light vibrations in art feel like? I used every tool I had and created new ones to make the work come about. For instance I did abstract pastel sketches of light and color currents flowing through space. Then integrated the figure and landscape with that, and a 3rd element of the light source coming from him. It seems like interwoven layers of musical passages in a Beethoven masterpiece. It is so great that an outside artist like me, unacknowledged by the art world, can survive and create the furthest visions he can imagine without any bullshit.

The owner of the giclee commented:

Thank you ever so much for it and just as importantly, if not more, thank you for your undying efforts in upholding western classicism and pushing forward in your art and against the forces of post modernism that are attempting to tear out mankind’s soul and replace it with vacant space and an artificial, synthetic pseudo-soul in thought, art and in society as well.

The original work is paired as The Give and Receive Diptych with Synergy. And info about the Giclee of it is here.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 6/62020

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