4 Works Going to New Homes

It has been a busy week or ten days for sales. Two pastels, a new Giclee, and a still wet Alla Prima floral are going to three collectors and welcoming a new one, who has known my work since 1985! It is a great harbringer of good things to come, perhaps a symbol that everyone world-wide will bounce back after the quarantine?! Let’s hope so.

I am not sure what the trigger was. Usually, my sales are spaced out. There are a few new elements going on that may have contributed: People having the time due to the quarantine to appreciate art; I have been posting on the horrors of postmodern art in American institutions; contrasted by posts of my benevolent works; sharing the works of students I own; sharing concepts from my upcoming book Evolution Through Art; and, maybe, people are fed up with cultural angst and rage and want to get back on track to goal-directed and uplifting art?

It is a very special feeling of having my work loved enough that some really good people want to live with it and see it every day, lol, I am about to cry, hahah. It makes me feel that goodwill will prevail and the stars are our limits.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 6/7/2020

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