Color Theory Workshop in Palm Desert

November 15-20, 2020 Color Workshop with Michael Newberry

I am always in hope of making a discovery there,
to express the love of two lovers
by a marriage of two complementary colors,
their mingling and their opposition,
the mysterious vibrations of kindred tones.
Vincent Van Gogh

Join us this Fall in Palm Desert, California for a plein air pastel intensive. We will be drawing/painting live onsite for four full days. We are going to work on color theory, while incorporating our perceptions of reality.

For instance in the mountain photo above, one of our locations, the clouds and mountains have a base color of the cool blues on the color wheel. Which means the furthest depth is cool, in this instance. The opposite of blue is orange, at the opposite end of the color wheel, notice in the photo that the foreground has a lot of orange colors. This is a classic observation. But we are going to add two more elements: the color of the atmosphere and the color of light — mind bending stuff to integrate, but it works and gives a realistic yet vibrate punch!

Thank you for a very amazing week! I learned
a tremendous amount and now have more confidence in trying new
projects on my own. You care so much about your students, your
knowledge and dedication really shine through.

Susan Surber, Idyllwild, 8/15/2020

My goal is to have you experience the magnificent feeling of mentally, emotionally, and perceptually solving and celebrating plein air!

See my students works from our recent workshop in Idyllwild.

Food, accommodations, and travel are arranged by you. I scout the locations and supply the teaching. My fee is $500

Please contact me through email, or via text 1-951-330-1271



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Color Theory Workshop in Palm Desert

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