Newberry, Orange Shadows, 2020, pastel

Near the Texas/New Mexico boarder

Newberry, pastel on an american road trip, near the boarder of texas and NM

This morning I tweaked this before uploading it to my archive. An interesting little detail, is if you look at the sky there is a slight pure brightness of sky blue running horizontally within the sky, below it near the edge of the mountains it is slightly purplish. It does depend on where the sun is, but you will often see the sky is at is brightest just a little up from the horizon line.

The feeling of signing and finishing a piece is like a Zen moment, a feeling of being in sync with energy in and around me. One difference with making art is that it is not meditation, the art process is creative, you are making something — if it is good, it will last forever. Definitely a eudaemonia experience.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 9/19/2020

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