Newberry, Borrego Springs Slope, pastel

Newberry, Borrego Springs Slope, 2020, pastel

Moving the pastel vibrations around through space. I had a lovely day today. Washed my dog Frida, she is awesome, but loves to roll around in dry dirt. If it doesn’t exist she digs it up, rolls on her back and waves her legs happily in the air. Hard to get mad at her. I detailed the outline of my last two chapters, Evolution and The Sublime, of my book , Evolution Through Art, and picked the art works. And I edited this today, all about vibrations of light, color, space and forms inside the atmosphere — it is the ultimate feeling except perhaps the most intense experience of making love with the right person.

A very good day.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 9/25/2020

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