Newberry, Family-Central Coast, pastel

Just finished, after two years of contemplation.

This was such a great trip visiting family in Australia, my niece, her mom, and grandmum. They are in the lower left, wearing hats. They took me to the place with panoramic views. While I painted they chatted with each other or read — it reminds me of great French Impressionists painting with their friends and family out in nature. An overflowing feeling peacefulness.

I don’t discuss my compositions (the arrangement of things on the 2d surface) often, but I love composing. My two aims are: to make if feel so natural you don’t even notice it; and to craft it with an eye towards symbolism. It seems I compose mostly by veto, when I reject most of the options I am left with something natural. Her my family is sitting in the light, thoughtful (the reader), and bonding. The dark tree is a little like the dark forest in Snow White — a little too personal, but like most family’s we have had are share of tragedy. My choice of subject matter also changes with how much time goes into the work, this was about an hour making and 1/2 hour editing. If I were to spend one year painting my family, I would make them much bigger and the tree much smaller — because all four of us overcame lots of obstacles to be really good people.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 10/9/2020

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