An Excerpt from my book, Evolution Through Art, published at The Atlas Society

Venus at her Mirror (1648–1651) by Velazquez, National Gallery, London.
Venus at her Mirror (1648–1651) by Velazquez, National Gallery, London.

Honored to have an excerpt from my upcoming book published with The Atlas Society. It is from the chapter, Those Who Destroy Art.

Velazquez’s Venus is a painting of a toned, nude young woman seen from the back with a mirror reflecting her face, alongside a life-like cupid, an affectation of many mythological paintings. But if we put the cupid’s wings aside, the scene takes on a touching quality of human universality. Velazquez would have painted the woman and the young child from life. I would bet you anything that this beautiful Italian model was a young mom with her child in tow. And though the mirror was a common device of Venus at her bath, I would speculate that since the model was facing away from the artist, the mirror gave her a feeling of safety by being able to watch what the artist was doing behind her back. Read more …

Update on the book, I am nearing the end, last two chapters to do. They are the reward, I get to talk about contemporary artists I love, and wrapped up the conclusions which the rest of the book set up. I started with the start of the quarantine, I wonder if it ends with when everything opens up again?

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 10//15/2020

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