Orange Sunset over San Jacinto Mountains

How do you say “bless their hearts” in Martian?

Newberry, Orange Sunset over San Jacinto Mountains, pastel
Newberry, Orange Sunset over San Jacinto Mountains, pastel

With the American election coming up soon, with its intense divide bordering on civil war, making sunsets has a kind of symbolic duplicity: either the sun is setting on American or this chapter ends happily every after with the hero cowboy riding off into the sunset! I prefer the latter. But a sunset is win in either case.

Continuing my fun with color theory, the classical idea is that cool colors recede and warm colors come forward, I reversed that with warm colors receding and color colors coming towards us. There is little in the way of landscape because of the darkness, but the mountains are made up of warm purples and siennas (warm colors), that enabled me to double up on the hottest colors for the sunset and the edge of mountains. If the mountains had been cool the hot sunset would have vibrated too high and popped it forward, when it belongs “far back there.”

The quarantine served me very well (my heart breaks for all the people that have lost love ones, taking financial hits, losing their business and homes, its horrible). The extra time doubled upped and went into my art and the upcoming book, Evolution Through Art. I am at one of the greatest periods of art making I have ever had, and I have had many. But this is particularly special because I have a handle on my place as an artist in the world. I always used to feel I was an alien from the future visiting the backwards postmodern culture, how do you say “bless their hearts” in Martian? But now it feels that I am the rightful heir of genuine art. This attitude or confidence will become pretty clear if you read my book, it will be available next year.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 10/17/2020

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