WIP, Model in the Studio, Danae?

Newberry, wip, model in the studio, Danae?, oil, 42x56 inches
Newberry, wip, model in the studio, Danae?, oil, 42×56 inches

Pulling an all-nighter, fun. I recently did an extensive exploration of color theory in my landscape pastels, about 40 of them. [You can see them all on my Instagram page.] That new knowledge is transforming some nuanced details in this life-size work. The idea is that she is a light bulb, radiating golden light through the scene, with the golds getting cooler taking on a greenish tint, and objects that are closer to us will get warmer.

The was a real experience in my studio of my friend Jeanette. But the background was recreated to give a feeling of a the studio’s chaos, plus accenting the phallic shapes of the wood and poles.

My mantra about editing or different stages of painting is if you ain’t adding life and interesting stuff — just stop until you find the way to make each stage special. This painting was at one of the quiet stages, and it pushed me to explore color theory and then resume. It is a spiritual feeling of excitement when the painting is working and coming alive, like how I feel it right now.

If it and you feel alive keeping going that way.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 11/5/2020/5:18AM

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