Newberry, Apollo Beach Green, Green, and Yellow, pastel

No apologies; make work you love or don’t bother.

Newberry, Apollo Beach, Green, Green, and Yellow, 2020, pastel, 18x24 inches
Newberry, Apollo Beach, Green, Green, and Yellow, 2020, pastel, 18×24 inches

I am pushing my color theory as far as I can trying to make a crash! hahah, no luck with that yet. This one is green atmosphere, green light, and yellow-green foreground. The waves have green highlights and a gray that looks pink in the shadows. The shadow came from compliments pale green and pink making pale gray. I love them.

I love all the work I do, actually it is the standard. If I don’t love it I shake the art work up until something special happens, even if that takes some years on one work. There are too many artists that don’t fully love their finished works, recently that has come to my attention on a friends social media post. I’ll try to unpack love in this context. The technical part is the integration of form, light, and space — if a part of those is off I consider it a mistake that must be taken care of. If the composition feels natural that makes love for me, not contrived. But it often takes a lot of work balancing the scene with the confines of the surface, a give and take that have to make each other more beautiful. Color is a little abstract to me, rather it feels more like vibrations, and those vibrations got to hum. When that happens it feel like I’ve gone to heaven. Then there is the subject, I have got to want to be there in the landscape or in the room or with the person and to enjoy them tremendously. The last part is philosophical: is the art work a worthy end? Does it convey a perspective in technique, subject, and feeling that is worthy?

Easy, check those off and you’ve got love.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 11/24/2020

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