YAY! Celebrating the Finish of my Book, Evolution Through Art

Tanya Ragir, Doubt Kills the Warrior, 2012, 90 inches high.
Tanya Ragir, Doubt Kills the Warrior, 2012, 90 inches high.

The book is about advancements artists’ make and how great art propels our spirit. It starts with the first known artwork, the sculpture Lion Man and takes us through aesthetics, techniques, philosophy, postmodernism (ugh), Kant, Aristotle, the best examples of eras, and finishes with some wonderful contemporary artists such as Tanya Ragir, sculptor of the image above.

It is 215 pages, 48,204 words, 16 chapters with an Introduction and a Postscript. I only include two of my works, one in the Introduction and one in the Postscript. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the book is that it is PsyOp campaign on the art world, tweaking the psychological issues concerning art, aesthetics, and the good and bad players (80% the good ones.)

I have written about art for about 2 decades, fitting it in around my full time job painting. But the idea for the book came about from a very unlikely source. About two years ago I began chatting with Boone Cutler, a PsyOp specialist, and he kindly agreed to mentor me, answering all the questions about how it worked. Lol, it is just like making art, but with psychology as the canvas. I took to it like a duck to water, and suddenly I saw the whole book, the need for it, what I could offer, and how it could be helpful to artists, collectors, and to anyone interested in evolving.

All but the last ten pages have been milled by my copy editor, and shortly after that it goes to the main editor. My team members on this are beyond brilliant. The result will be incredibly solid. I have also had a team of beta readers, who have given great input, and graciously coped with me being contentious! But I listened!

So the big part is done, but now will be the strategic buildup towards publishing, the release, and marketing. I would guess the release date will be sometime next year.


Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 12/6/2020

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