My Two Manuscripts Ready To Move On

Today Received the Foreword my color theory book by art historian, Anat Moberman, and Evolution Through Art, was thoroughly checked out by a brilliant scholar.

A great day today. My 250 page tome, Evolution Through Art, has been magnificently cleaned by my copy editor, and has been triple-checked by a scholar, with only a few easy suggestions.

And also today, art historian, Anat Moberman, wrote a beautiful foreword for my color theory book. Both are great honors.

I am new to writing books, and the next steps towards publishing are new to me. It seems book publishing is a little like working towards a big art show opening, something like a year’s preparation of collecting contact info, press releases, promotion, and interviews. The exact opposite of solitary art studio life. Yikes! I’m certain that an essential thing is to work with wonderful people.

Please don’t hesitate to leave me your insights on publishing, it would be appreciated.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 1/9/2021

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