Newberry, Eve Backlit, Graphite

For the last two days I have been drawing this Eve study. I went overboard with mark-making, must be several thousand marks. I got a gift of an ancient but great pencil sharpener. A good friend sent me a gift of an ancient used Panasonic pencil sharpener, after I was discussing that I haven’t been able to find decent pencil sharpener.

Light and shadow in drawing in painting is about 1/100th the range of tone as in real real life. Shadow is about 1/10th of the range of tones in a drawing compared to light. So just working in shadow and nothing else is like being in straight-jacketed. It is crazy. But a great project of exploration.

It is after 4 am, and I have been drawing around the clock. Faced with an art challenge I zero in and don’t think of anything else, just now, after a few days, it feels like I am surfacing from the art universe.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 1/24/2021

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