Three Books at Different Stage of Production

Exploring Depth, Light, and Love, Evolution Through Art, and Newberry Color Theory are fairly close to publishing stages. The color theory one is ready in a few days to see a printed copy. The 250 page Evolution is with the editor now, after a revision of two chapters. And Exploring awaits an updated narrative, but the image content and commentary is done.

They corral a broad scope of art from creating passionate works, to an artistic perspective on evolution through art, both art historically and personally, and a thesis color theory, after four and half decades of aesthetic practice and research.

It is said that art is the technology of the soul and I believe the books will go a long way in justifying that statement. In other words, we have an art gene in which emotion, thought, and senses communicate as a chorus. It is through art we get to experience that synergy, and consequently it fuels our personal evolution.

I have looked into publishers and I have also taken out the business name, Idyllwild Books, for self=publishing. I am treating the books like paintings, the number one priority is to bring them into existence.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 2/7/2021

PS, you can read parts of books by clicking color theory or evolution.

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