Update on Danae, wip, oil

Newberry, wip, Danae, oil, feb 20, 2021
Newberry, wip, Danae, oil, feb 20, 2021

I started this painting last year. As it progressed I made a lot of changes in the background and color concept. A big compositional change was to stylize the studio’s realism, to more symbolic gestures such as the phallic symbolism of the poles and stretcher bars in the upper left corner. And in the middle of working this painting I fully developed my unique system of color theory, soon to be available as a book.

The color theory takes four elements and integrates them: the color of things; the complementary (opposites) tints of light and shade; the complementary tints of depth and closeness; and the tint of the atmosphere. Each of these have known qualities but not put altogether.

So while I was painting this, it went from a fairly traditional color scheme to a new one based on my new understanding of color theory. Which meant I had to repaint everything I had done so far, making the color adjustments. I like all painting, there was a lot of adjusting to the nuances.

I am 100% in Zen camp of art making studio art. Don’t rush, keep an open dialog between my thoughts, emotions, and senses and with what the painting is communicating. It takes patience, but the daily feeling is exquisite. Like taking a slow river cruise on the Nile.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 2/20/2021

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