Art Studio Lighting

Glimpse at my painting setup

A rich irony for an artist is that as they get older their sight is both more sophisticated and diminished. To help with the diminished part it is essential to calibrate your studio lighting for clean, bright, and even light; with no glare. I couldn’t be happier with my 4 lights in their soft light box reflectors.

The light bulbs are 45 watts each, Neewer brand. 5500 Kelvins, about the same as cloud covered daylight. It is about as close to actual color of things you can get, neither warm nor cold.

The four lights are placed on 45 degree angles to the art work, and not directly pointed at the painting, the direction of their lights crisscross at the space before the canvas. So the light runs along the canvas a bit like 2 pm sunlight shining down on a slight angle. Having the four lights cancels our any shadows, and cancels out how light diminishes.

Here is a link to where I buy them on amazon. I am not business-like enough to get a referral fee from them, just sharing practical advice. Neewer Tri-phosphor CFL Daylight Balanced Bulb.


Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 2/28/2021

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