My First Book is Out Now

Newberry Color Theory is available in Paperback and Kindle

Newberry, San Onofre Red Violet, 2020, pastel, 18x24 inches
Newberry, San Onofre Red Violet, 2020, pastel, 18×24 inches

During the quarantine I have written three manuscripts: Newberry Color Theory; Evolution Through Art; and Exploring Depth, Light, and Love. I have written and published dozens of art articles but books are new for me. They have been wonderful projects, very soothing to the soul, and I was blessed to have wonderful people edit and give me feedback.

One of the greatest takeaways from creating them, was how difficult and rewarding it is to maintain the big picture. Mind-bending, but when one gets near the end it is so much fun and feels so freeing after such a disciplined set up.

My first published book, Newberry Color Theory, is available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. It is 58 pages, covering the color theory of 16 pastel seascapes, Red-Violet above is one of them. The theory is based on the integration of: the color of things; the color of atmosphere; the complementary (opposites) colors of depth and foreground; and the complementary colors of light and shadows. The result is a startling range of flexibility with a huge spectrum of color/light possibilities.

The theory is hard work for the engaged reader. Easily a very advanced course in fine art color theory. So expect to go over concepts of each work many times, but I promise, its real, and it works intellectually, visually, and emotionally.

I hope you will get it.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 3/13/2021

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