Idyllwild Pastel Workshop June 7-11, 2021

Four Full Days Drawing/Painting, Morning and Afternoon, Dinner Monday Night Intros.

Drawn just now a quick color landscape demo. Using green atmosphere, blue depth, warm foreground, and pinkish light.

Hi all, excited that a few of my students have suggesting a spring/summer workshop, so here it is: place, Idyllwild, California, a gorgeous mountain village above Palm Springs, the temperature should be lovely and temperate. We will be doing color theory that I developed in new book, Newberry Color Theory.

You need:
Canson dark paper full sheets (about 25×19″) that you can tear in half
Rembrandt Full sticks. we have extras, so don’t worry
Glassine sheets of paper to protect the surface of the pastel drawing.
Fixative, Krylon, or Sennilier
portfolio to store the drawings and to use as a drawing board.
recommend 23×31 inches, to easily hold the drawings and nice surface
to draw on.
A light weight folding chair or two.
Drafting tape
3 to 4 metal clips, flat ones to hold the paper down
Let me know if you have any questions, such as about substitutes etc.

My fee for instruction is $500. Housing, transportation, and food are on you. And we plan
to picnic or get quick bite together for every lunch and get together for dinner every night.

We are keeping the group small, looking for one or two new students. We are good friends, smart, nice, very civil. Everyone has some experience with plein air workshops. If you are interested, please contact me below. If I don’t know you please introduce yourself. When I email you back you can share some of your work with me.


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