Transcending Traitors, oil on linen.

Newberry, Transcending Traitors, 2020, oil on linen
Newberry, Transcending Traitors, 2020, oil on linen

There are three kinds of humans: creators, neutrals, and vampires. The vampires are the most pathetic not because they suck life out of everyone they touch, but left to their own they have no means of survival, they actually can’t do work, create, or contribute any value. To survive they have to specifically manipulate the creators to serve them.

In 1943 in Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead, the evil Toohey figured a brilliant PsyOp system to neuter creators: promote morons as geniuses. The system destroys the neutrals ability to value and destroys the creator’s support. We experience a complete brain freeze when both Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain and a Captive of Michelangelo are seen as museum works, and that is the goal of curators of the Fountain–to paralyze your mind, rendering you unsure of anything. But why would they do that?

Creators are arch enemy of vampires, yet the vampires need them alive as their source of sustenance. They need a symbiotic relationship. The thing though is that creators don’t need this relationship and are a millions times better without it. It is actually quite brilliant that the vampire losers can survive at all much less control political, cultural, and communication systems. When those forces join to promote moronic people, ideas, and institutions (like Yale and Harvard art departments) they severely curtail options for the creators to flourish. With the threat of creators neutralized the vampire class can get away anything, and rule as ghoulish living dead.

The Achille’s Heel of the creators is their naivete. They cannot comprehend that vampires exist, much less pose any threat. Creators assume the everyone is in this together and that everyone wants to do good works. Once creators realize that they have been played by evil people, the game is up for vampires. They will find out what happens when creators shine sunlight on them, they will combust into infecund grotesqueries, which was their natural state all along.

These are the background thoughts for my painting, Transcending Traitors. It closely matches my attitude at my lowest point, yet there is always light, and the climb to ascend to a better state of being.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 4/17/2021

5 Replies to “Transcending Traitors, oil on linen.”

  1. Brilliant! I fully agree! There is Art and there is F*-Art! It’s not the same. Art takes talent F*-Art does not…

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