Sunset Pastels from my Next Book

These are a few of the 250 or so artworks that will be in my third book during the quarantine, Exploring Depth, Light, and Love: Idyllwild Artworks 2013 to 2021. In Oct/Nov of 2017 I had a show in Washington D.C. what was unique of that time was that I drove the show’s artwork from my studio in Idyllwild, California. One the way back I made several pastels, here are four that are sunsets.

Perception plays a big role in my work, looking at reality and seeing it for what it is. There are always surprising changes in color that I could not have imagined, or not achieve the same “it” factor. Works imagined tend to be dull and feel off.

In setting up the book, I had no idea how much work I made, it is exhaustive and emotionally charged experience. In 2013 I felt out of sorts and I decided to relearn everything I knew about art, to teach myself from scratch. It turned out to be the most creative period in my life.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, 4/20/2021

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