Evolution Through Art is Available Now

The Kindle Version Will Follow in a Few Weeks

Newberry, Evolution Through Art

Jazzed that ETA, Evolution Through Art, is in print and available through Amazon. It is a particular feeling of the mix of calmness and excitement. The calmness comes from that most the knowledge in the book is something I have lived intimately with for decades. The excitement comes from that the book could become a huge value to collectors, art lovers, and for artists fighting for their values, which they worked so hard to achieve.

I started the project in March of last year, at the beginning of the quarantine. Its been a 13-month project, 57 images, 242 pages, edited and copyedited, parts or whole of the book read by beta readers, and tons of glorious sleepless nights. For a month or two I was writing every night till dawn.

The book is similar to Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, to Rand’s Romantic Manifesto, and to Vasari’s Lives of the Artists. Both Rand and Vasari were artists themselves, which sets a precedent and hopefully a trend that more artists will be inspired to lay out their aesthetic values in book form, instead of relying on critics. One thing that makes my book different then theirs is what makes it similar, I combined history, aesthetics, and my in-depth knowledge of art making. But the most important difference is that the book is a PsyOp art campaign, a psychological operation, in support of great art through showing how art is the technology of the soul.

I hope you will enjoy the book.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild 4/22/2021

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