My Students Are the Best!

What the Students Had to Say About the Idyllwild Pastel Workshop

Petia Lilova, Tahquitz Rock
Petia Lilova, Tahquitz Rock

I am back home from a four day workshop with one of my Heroes, a Great Artist, Writer, Philosopher, and Human Michael Newberry: This was first for me working outside plain air, and also using pastels as a media. Michael’s method is a very scientific approach to art/drawing/painting/seeing that leads to consistent results. At the end, your emotions and personality are preserved, and all is based on realistic experiences/ability to paint what you see. If implemented, his system will give you freedom to create great art with understanding.

For all of you that know my oil figurative paintings, you will see how sensitive and different the result of this week is for me. Working with pastel is like touching the wings of a butterfly. In my opinion all the art colleges should teach his method. I highly recommend Michael’s workshop and his two art books [Newberry Color Theory and Evolution Through Art] published this year for artists or anyone that is trying to understand life and our human journey/evolution. I am Forever Grateful!

Petia Lilova

Susan Surber, Fulmor Lake
Susan Surber, Fulmor Lake

This Student just completed a four day immersion workshop applying Newberry Color Theory (NCT). 

Following cursory exposure, this workshop offered a hands-on, in depth opportunity to transition from theory to practical working tool.  NCTs systematic approach builds upon traditional color theory, to offer artist unique, nontraditional tools for new and exciting color harmony.

The genius is that NCT reduces very sophisticated technical concepts to straight forward, logical steps.  A heartfelt thank you for the patience, time and personal interest, Michael Newberry invested to improve this Student’s skills and understanding.

Susan Surber

Luxman Nathan, Tahquitz Rock
Luxman Nathan, Tahquitz Rock.

Thank you Michael for making the experience both fun and intellectually challenging, for patiently sharing your immense knowledge of fine art and technique, and for giving me a venue to explore new and different skills. 

Looking forward to more lessons, workshops, and art!! 

Luxman Nathan

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