The CIA Collection

Ascension Day, graphite study for the painting of the same name 1990.

Two days ago I picked up a collection of my works from someone who is a covert operative for the deep state.

I had written to him the following:

Just so you know from my knowledge of what the cia and the deep state did to art is a massive crime against humanity, the biggest aesthetic crime in 35,000 years. All other eras might have made mistakes but the last 70 years was to eradicate art and to destroy everything noble. With my knowledge of it, I am certain that the deep state has no ethical control, and could well be responsible for unleashing the Wuhan virus on the world. You have no idea how disgusted I am, or the others that know what is going on. I really hope you are not part of it. But if you are, know you will be on the wrong side of history, wrong side of humanity, wrong side of any shred of goodness … wrong side of anything noble. And rationalizing will not save your human soul.

His reply was to give me back my art.

Lithograph, Ascension Day, this is the Artist’s Proof, I created this in 1990, as an edition of 75 to raise funds for my show in West Hollywood on Melrose Ave. Original framing from Aesthetic Frame Design, then the best framer in Los Angeles.
The Ginger Jar, lithograph, 9/25, original frame from AFD
My painting of Ayn Rand’s character Dagny, when she was holed up in grungy office (I was living in a NY slum, so the setting was already taken care of. 1982. You can also see I included the portrait below, in the background. In the book Atlas Shrugged Dagny took 2 things from her NY corporate headquarters, the portrait sketch of her ancestor that started the railroad, and the map of the US.
Portrait of Rob, 1982, this was a study for Individuals’ Revolution, a multi figured monumental work that was beyond my capabilities at the time, I was 25 years old.
Self Portrait in Holland, 1976, I was 19 years old, I think my first oil painting. This was for my portfolio to be admitted to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Holland. I had just quit my USC tennis scholarship, moved to Holland, with hopes of becoming an artist. My fine art college education in the States was postmodern bullshit, and I hoped I would learn classical skills in Holland, the land of Rembrandt. I gained the skills, but there were no mentors or teachers worth anything there.
This self portrait is sign and dated July 19, 1977. A year after moving to Holland. On this day I made up my mind to be an artist and give it everything I had.

Michael, Idyllwild, 10/21/2021

7 Replies to “The CIA Collection”

  1. Good for you to get your art back and his giving it to you COULD be a confession or affirmation of your assertion-question, but this conspiracy theory has been around for as long as I can remember, so what is it that convinced you it is true?

    1. Thanks Alexandra, yes it is likely a confirmation. Frances Saunders book on the CIA is a extraordinarily well researched on the CIA’s incursions into culture. Unlike me, she doesn’t see the aesthetics they promoted as an evil PsyOp, rather she takes issue with their covert operations of money laundering and embedding agents into museums, institutions, media, high-brow journals, and foundations. She is rats out the facts like a terrier. An impressive work of contemporary history.

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