Upcoming New Book, “Art and Aesthetics”

Yikes! A whole new book on the way. “Art and Aesthetics: A Personal View of Postmodernism, Eudaemonia, and Realization.”
The reader will gain fundamental insights into the cultural war between postmodernism and evolutionary figurative art. They will learn about how the latter masters perception, thought, and passion in art. And how postmodernism works in the opposite, the mind games they play [its tough going, but with all the shit going on now was first used through art, and it behooves the reader to understand it well, because it will fortify their great world-view, giving them both tactical defenses and powerful psychological weapons to take out the bad guys.]
The book is a collection of past articles on Postmodernism, Kant, CIA, reviews of artists that I love, and art tutorials. Essentially it is curated highlights from the last 2 decades. Terrorism and Postmodern Art, Pandora’s Box Series, Reviews of Hironori Kiyoshima, Peter Schipperheyn, and Tanya Ragir are a few of the chapters.
In the last few hours I wacked together about 100 pages, and about a 100 or so to go. It is kind of done deal, as all the articles have been copy edited. It was a lot easier than I thought, but I have had a lot of recent practice.

Frame of References:

Newberry, Michael. Author’s page on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Newberry/e/B08YKJ6R1V?ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vu00_taft_p1_i1

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