Hand Drawing Time-Lapse

Drawing by Michael Newberry, showing the triangulation of the hand’s knuckle landmarks. Triangulation is a great technique which makes drawings in proportion, feel natural, and a special living beauty when all the points are lined up well. The start is beginning with two landmarks, then triangulating a third point, by observing the axis lines of the landmarks in real life. Then continue to add “third” landmarks until every important landmark is located.

Newberry, triangulating hand knuckles
Newberry, hand study for Transcending Oblivion
Newberry, hand study for Transcending Oblivion

Frame of References:

Triangulating Church Interior, time-lapse.

Triangulating a Box, detailed video of exactly how to do it, 10 minutes.

Triangulating a Face, time-lapse.

2 Replies to “Hand Drawing Time-Lapse”

  1. Well done. Can you add some of the stills in your blog? I really like your process and would like to see some of the progress pics. Good job

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