Visual Archive on Instagram

Last week I started a visual archive of my art on Instagram; 384 pieces and counting. One of the problems for an exploratory artist is that the scope is enormous and it can be confusing to people that are accustomed to brand identity—like the expected role to be played. But when I observe the world there is so much to see, in so many ways, it would be horrible to limit myself to only sunsets, the figure, or etc. Isn’t it more like real life to see nuances and differences? Wouldn’t it be a shame if people only saw you as a mom, a race, beautiful, or a nerd. It would be even worse to try to fit into one of those boxes. But then that can be confusing when people and art doesn’t fit into one box.

That is the long way of saying I think using Instagram as a picture book is a fantastic way for viewers to skim over decades of works within seconds, and begin to see the patterns and perspectives. I am sure it will open up your visual perception, which is the greatest way of living in the present—just to be highly aware of seeing, touching, and breathing.

If you are not on Instagram I don’t know if you can view all the works or not, my apologies in advance if that is the case. Though if you are you will be able to see everything quickly.

Michael, Idyllwild, March 3, 2022

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