Thoughts on the Psychology of Art: Abstract Art Is a Psychotic Break with Reality

Norman Rockwell, The Connoisseur, 1961
Norman Rockwell, The Connoisseur, 1961

The most important part of being a visual artist is the artist’s eye. How the artist sees, how they perceive the outside world. It is not the only thing that matters in art: imagination, stylization, emotion, and themes drive it as well. A relevant aspect of psychosis is that it is a person’s break with reality—they cannot distinguish reality from emotion, thought, or hallucination. Abstract art is delusional on an epic level, as well as hypocritical. It is delusional because the content has nothing to do with reality, unless, like a variation of Plato’s Cave, the artist is facing a wall and has never seen anything else. And hypocritical because the visual artist is supposed to be a visual artist and show us how magnificent our eyesight is, instead they are anti-vision. It is like substituting a surgeon for a killer.

It is weird how elementary school teachers embrace and promote abstract art, not having a clue that they are indoctrinating children to embrace a disconnect to realty. Unwittingly, they are aesthetic pedophiles, destroying the a child’s ability to perceive and master seeing the world around them, thereby blocking their ability to flourish.

Michael, Idyllwild, April 19, 2022

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