Creation, WIP

Continuing my graphite study for the painting, creation. It is quite difficult because the pose never existed in totality. Rather the two models a real couple posed in sections, like the interplay of their hands but I didn’t get to see all four hands at the same time. The same goes for the legs and feet and when you throw in the weightlessness of the project it’s very difficult. Because they have to alternate their weight so that a leg is free-floating. Loving the challenge.

Destroying is also going through and will go through interesting stages: starting with a very generic composition, tweaking the proportions, and accenting the line and the contour of the anatomy. When I get the line drawing complete I’ll document it well and use that to transfer onto the canvas they will be about life-size. Then I will draw the light and shadow on the same drawing. A ways to go still.

Michael, Idyllwild, June 14, 2022

2 Replies to “Creation, WIP”

  1. Love seeing the new progress. The weightlessness makes total sense to me. This is Creation … and, for me, the multiverses are free-flowing and everything works within (and without!) them … does that make sense in your paradigm?


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