1st Stage Complete in Study for Creation

Newberry, 1st stage graphite study for Creation
Newberry, 1st stage graphite study for Creation

I am excited to arrive at this stage today. This definitely gives a sense of what the life size people in the painting will look like. The background will be nebulas or galaxies, I starting to research that now. Funny, agitated ocean water looks very similar to the ebb of galaxies.

This drawing has a ways to go. The second part will be to triple check the proportions, and refine the contours. That might take a day or two. For instance, I want to detail the nails. When the second stage is done, I will document the image hi-resolution, and maybe offer it as a limited edition print. Just the contours will be very beautiful, but I have to keep going on the drawing. The last stage will be adding form, light, and shadow. I feel fairly certain it will look awesome, but I will loose the simplicity of the line drawing, hence, making sure to document that.

The canvas size is 64×46″, perhaps my favorite size for both vertical and horizontal paintings.

Michael, Idyllwild, June 21, 2022

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