Creation, blocking in the sky

Newberry, Creation, wip, oil on linen, 64×48”

Flying along. 😉 Today’s efforts so far. I’m a little surprised at how primordial the sky is, it feels ruthless, unforgiving, and primitive. Ha, I love it! It will set off the stars magnificently, it is dark, mysterious, and airy. [Darks run the risk of looking and sitting on the surface like black lacquer, i.e., like turds.] I can’t wait to do the thousands of dots of light (stars). Instead of rushing I will spare a thought that each star could have life forms like us, I will take care to place each one perfectly.

One wild device is the shadowed parts of the couple will be transparent as air, so that the sky and stars will be seen through them. Creating a fun paradox, they (we) are made up as the same stuff as the universe; and at the center of it all is humanity and love.

Michael, Idyllwild, July 2, 2022

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