What is the Right Audience?

Newberry: Integrity is not popular, but it is very sexy to the right person.

Today I will be talking with a friend, Robbie Grayson, who is a book publisher. The topic is going to be about what kind of audience would be interested in my artist autobiography. And, also, what themes would be important to share. How much private info do I want to discuss? Lessons learned? Mentors? The art nerd in me would be happy just discussing the paintings, but that self-centered egoism is typical of painters, and it can be exceedingly boring. Never ask painters a question or they will talk for hours about their feelings and channeling spirits. It is a great tool that painters create from, but it doesn’t make for a dialog.

While I was thinking about what I can ask Robbie, this thought popped into my head: Integrity is not popular, but it is very sexy to the right person. I will see what he says about it and if that can be the theme of the autobiography. What do you think?

Michael, Idyllwild, August 29, 2022

4 Replies to “What is the Right Audience?”

  1. It is often a lonely place, standing there in integrity! It repells, it attracts and it invokes. But everything it does, it does with great power. It is many things but I definitely agree sexy is one of them.
    Just a note. I am of no consequence to the art world but ended up here due to shared values and a commitment to integrity. Good luck with your endeavour. Integrity is not popular because it is hard work.

  2. I think that sexiness is a bit narrow to be the theme of a painter’s autobiography. I recommend something broader. Your integrity is spectacular. Focus there, I think.

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