This Qualifies As Horrific

The Deepstate, Postmodern Art, Podesta, and Disturbing

Patricia Piccinini
Patricia Piccinini


Podesta name as been in the news, one thing led to another, and I am going to share a link to the artwork of ” … Patricia Piccinini, a [Tony] Podesta protegee who is to represent Australia at the Venice biennial.” John Hopper, The Guardian, April 20, 2004

Tony Podesta and ex, Heather, are big time Washington lobbyists, and Heather is currently on the 2021-2022 board of Trustees of MOCA.

Piccinini’s work is disgusting, and you may not want to see it, But one wonders how close they were connected to Jeffrey Epstein.…/i-am-patricia…

One also has to wonder about money laundering, their psychological projections, their view of the world, and what business they have in any humanities field. And of course one wonders about their connections to the Bidens. This art suggests deeply disturbing picture of the players, this time in American history, and conveys the spirit of the deepstate.

Michael, Idyllwild, September 5, 2022

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