Scratch the Brainwashed and This Is What You Get

Link to Patricia Piccinini disgusting art, darling of the Deepstate
Link to Patricia Piccinini disgusting art, darling of the Deepstate

A few days ago I posted a connection of the deepstate to the most disgusting postmodern artwork I have seen (haha, I have seen it all, from vomiting paint as a technique, canned shit, toilets, creepy dolls, and etc.) There are 3 motives for promoting this stuff: projection of self-hatred; money laundering; and, lastly, to brainwash the public into believing that everything no matter what is great art (obviously to kill any of their critical skills, so the puppet masters can get away with anything.)

It triggered one of my acquaintance collectors and she wrote me saying she didn’t want to “embarrass” me in public [bring it on], that I am not “well-informed” [lol, read Evolution Through Art], that I am “limiting the creative spirit of others” via criticism, and to “leave art criticism to the untalented.”

She went on: “Why do you fault the work of others with a PLAYFUL PASSION for their materials ,.. Please stop your attack on the human spirit. It hurts and makes me want to throw your work away for your narrow mindedness.” [All caps mine]

This is the link to the “playful passion” she is talking about [Warning: it is really disturbing and impossible to not unsee it]:

Imagine how brainwashed and messed up one has to be to equate the art in the link to “playful” passion.

Part of my follow up reply: “I don’t recommend throwing away my work or it would align you with Nazi book-burners and ascetic catholic priests that toss artworks into bonfires.”

This is also amazingly warped, to condemn criticism but it is okay to destroy art, WTF. It appears that my positive PsyOp on aesthetics is working by flushing out extraordinarily messed up people.

Moral: when people think that everything is good beyond questioning, scratch their surface and you find they hate values and anyone who does.

Michael, Idyllwild, September 8, 2022

2 Replies to “Scratch the Brainwashed and This Is What You Get”

  1. WTF…I guess she missed the opportunity to understand MNs point of view on metaphysical reality and one’s orientation to it and choice of art.

    The Podesta’s are gross. It’s not a coincidence that crowd loves ‘spirit cooking’ and POMOs like Piccinini; [they] are the same folks that are actively hellbent on destroying civilization.

    Recently came across this book, ” The Ethics of Beauty Paperback – January 1, 2020 by Timothy G. Patitsas” wonder if you’ve seen it.

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