Newberry, The Muses 2, wip, oil on linen, 64x48".

I love this so much!!! It feels as though I am attempting to shield her from the shadow so she can allow her light force to burst from her heart. The feels very Tao to me, the balance of light and shadow that exists in everything. You are incredible friend, a magnificent artist. -Katie Borntrager, model.

The contours!!! Astonishing. The heart wide open to the cosmos; bare, held, and unashamedly beautiful. Thank you Michael Newberry. -Anastasia Thiel

This is a wonderful project that left a deep impression. -Наталья Храмцова

IM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! So celestial and that line work o love so dearly, love to see the progress on this.  -Crystal King

It’s quite unique to watch a work of art developing daily, on an open platform like fb. Subject, theme, and style. It’s like allowing us into your studio. I especially enjoy watching The Universe growing. . .Around Man. -Glenn Nowak

Thank for creating the beckoning space of deepest and truest rest; when all has been accomplished and expressed. -AT

At first sight, this painting strikes me as if the lights should be lighter/brighter, to have more contrast. As if the lights were also transparent. But then it hits, and all of it plays into this sense of peace, of being one with nature. Of being It. Creation as an extension of its Creator… like in Art. -Melvin Toledo

Magnificent. -Anat Moberman

This is probably going to pull curiosity-seekers into Seventh Day church gatherings seeking Heavenly bodies. -Tommy Thompson

God how I love this! -Sunny Abarbanell

This is a masterpiece!!! You’ve made positive energy, joy visible, so much so, that they take centrestage!!! Generations will view it, with delight and fulfillment!! ♥️ -Faiyaz Hardwarewala

Great subject to be sure, but you sir, are a master at capturing that beauty. -Wade Specht

And as a result, a glowing luxurious living body that you want to touch to feel this living elastic flesh! Respect! -Наталья Храмцова

Newberry, Creating the Planets, 2022, oil on linen, 64x48".

There IS So Much Love IN This Painting! -Petia Matschke

So you created the heavens and earth in 7 days? -Brian Kelly

The precision of a Da Vinci sketch, does this reveal the calculus & symmetry of a god made in the image of a Master craftsman ? It does take the breath away. -Tommy Thompson

Really beautiful – quite stunning Michael! -Michael Kaplan

2022 Space Odyssey! From the deepening universe comes man and in that space, he creates, by a Power! A power of traversing, still and flowing, both, with ease, and holding, and moving things! Creating and endlessly….in an endless universe! -Narendra Kumar

Brings to my mind “Novus ōrdō sēclōrum” (New Order of the Ages), the second of the two mottos on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, itself a reference to the fourth Eclogue of Virgil, which includes the following memorable passage:
‘Now is come the final era of the Sibyl’s song;
The great order of the ages is born afresh.
now justice returns, honored rules return of Saturn’s reign;
now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven.’
Charles Thomson, who added the motto to the Great Seal, said it was to signify “the beginning of the new American Era” as of the date of the Declaration of Independence.
-Terry Verhoeven

Gives me shivers it is so very good! -Lisa Beggs

This one is wonderous. The integration of the figure with the background is ideal. –William Dale

I’m loving this nee series’ concept that you’re working on. Grand, relevant concepts depicted masterfully, as always, but this time there seems to be more to it. You seem to be responding to a universal question these days regarding the place if man in the cosmos in a society with no God, or at least in which God is an untenable concept, due to our intellectual arrogance (my personal interpretation). This series strikes me as fitting cleverly and meaningfully into the contemporary context in the manner it approaches and expressed themes of man and universe, man and cosmos, and man’s place in such a description of existence (the universe, as described today, is infinite and predominated by a void that is indifferent to the trials and dramas of man – i.e. godless). In such a vision of the cosmos, it is indeed man himself who is challenged to become the Great Mover, the Grand Controller, and i see these paintings as addressing and depicting that existential predicament. -Joao Castilhos

Newberry, The Muses, 2022, oil on linen, 64x48"

The Muses are divine. -Ricky Cameron

There’s something mysteriously timeless about this which I find emotionally impactful; free floating, sensual, transparent, spacious, peaceful, still, yet completely activated. -Anastasia Thiele

Congratulations Maestro. This is beyond beautiful. It’s yet another Newberry; when we think we have seen your very best you manage to surprise us once again. -Sonia L’éatarde

Absolutely love this, an absolute beauty. -Ann Browne

Wow!! It is so real! Creation!! -Narendra Kumar

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