What Is Possible?

Pablo Picasso, Family of Saltimbanques, 1905.
Pablo Picasso, Family of Saltimbanques, 1905.

Is it possible to create new forms of community or to establish new institutions that prioritize individual agency and creativity?
Is it possible to reimagine the role of contemporary art museums and networks that prioritize self-determination and Eudaemonia, states of individual human flourishing?
Can we explore new possibilities and imagine a different kind of world? Should we perhaps begin to think critically about the structures and institutions that shape our lives, and to explore new ways of living and relating to others that prioritize fulfilled lives?
Are concepts of community, being useful contributors to society, and the greater good abused by nefarious actors through infiltration, manipulation, and PsyOp?
How do we as a species prioritize individual autonomy, creativity, and happiness?

9 Replies to “What Is Possible?”

  1. These are all excellent questions. We must win the human terrain battlefield and we have 100% complete moral and philosophical alignment with human flourishing and ascendancy. The only way I can think of is to create force-multipliers or 100s (surely there must be a few hundred that agree with us) to carve out action plans to take the human terrain. Like social media, fund our own art centers, fund our own schools, infiltrate and run counter-sabotage programs to dismantle POMOs and Contemporaries from the inside across disciplines. The Lone Ranger (Rembrandt’s, Rands, Rambo’s) cannot provide the horsepower and force necessary to replace everything that’s ugly & wrong.

    1. Love it, thanks Tom! I am skeptical of institutions, no matter how noble, they seem to attract posers to infiltrate them at some point. Notably Ayn Rand organizations have now CIA and possibly Mossad connections, wtf!?

      1. Tell me about it.

        Just read about some backstory with former AS CEO Aaron Day. (NH crime syndicate, nearly a trillion in dark money for Unipary use that is alive and well and protected by blackmail/ extortion by alphabet agencies). And I’m sure you know about Peter Theil and Palantir.

        It seems nothing is sacred, as institutions that we love that have become somewhat influential, get targeted for info ops.\operationally compromised.

      2. That is interesting. I met Aaron Day some years ago at an Atlas Society event, I blocked him on facebook the next day, he had a fowl body language. I was repulsed. Yeah, Theil was the trigger and it all fell into place for me. I had chalked it up to David Kelley not being a good judge character, hahah, it calls my judge of character as being suspect for not listening to my gut sooner. Now whenever I meet someone who does not make sense, I look into their associations and funding. Surprise, surprise deepstate all the way. What POSs.

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