Chapters 5 and 6, Ellipses and Cast Shadows

From My Upcoming Book: “Energize Your Art”

Newberry, Energize Your Art

Chapter 5, Ellipses
Drawing flawless ellipses is an essential skill that can transport your viewers to a world of harmony and serenity. From the rim of a plate, to the curve of a glass, or the outline of a bottle, perfectly drawn ellipses can take your artwork to a whole new level. Though it takes technical precision, it will exude confidence and give your artistic expression wings.

Chapter 6, Cast Shadows
By accentuating cast shadows, you can fire-up dull artwork. Cast shadows are a product of direct light—whether it be from bright sunlight or artificial sources—and can be used to great effect in creating a sense of dynamic light. Curiously, cast shadows often do more to create light than the light itself. Mastering the use of cast shadows is an essential skill for any artist looking to create commanding and visually striking works.

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