The Nefarious Cycle of Elitism and Art in the Modern Age

The Role of Postmodern Art in Diverting Public Attention from Covert Agendas

Tombly at SFMOMA. A child being proudly exposed to mindless crap.
Tombly at SFMOMA. A child being proudly exposed to mindless crap.

Periodically, I check up on contemporary art museums. Today, I looked into the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.[1] Diana Nelson, the president, also serves as co-chair of Carlson Holdings, Inc., on the board of directors of the Carlson Family Foundation, the board of Prime Group, serves as a Member of the Harvard Corporation, was Vice Chair of the Harvard University Board of Overseers,[2] and on the board of Common Sense Media.

I scanned Common Sense Media, one of whose objectives is to rate and review media for children, which seems innocent enough unless it is used to indoctrinate them.[3] Given the foundations that partner with CSM, such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Twitter, and others,[4] their motives are suspect—from reducing the world population[5] to outright censorship in collaboration with the FBI and CIA.[6]

Bill Gates "I fund population control."
Bill Gates “I fund population control.”

Gates Interview, February 1997 issue of George Magazine.

It is interesting that Diana Nelson “is a lifelong champion of the arts,”[7] when the Harvard Art Department[8] is disgustingly pathetic. It is wise to be skeptical of her motives and it makes much more sense if one looks at her interest in postmodern art as a smokescreen, a PsyOp that renders everyone but the in-crowd witless.[9] If people cannot put together their emotions, thoughts, and senses into a coherent worldview, they are unable to act as citizen detectives.[10] An additional motive could be born out of hating the good for being good. No one with healthy emotional intelligence chooses to covertly damage humanity.

If Nelson’s primary motive is to create financial havens, why would she do it through covert means and not actually try to help make the U.S. a safe haven legally? One reason could be the elitist-fascist wiping out competitors playing by the rules and utilizing the insider global-CIA-cabal.[11] Ultimately though, it becomes a nefarious cycle, intensifying the envy exponentially. This then comes back to the kind of art these elites foist on the public. Art that is devoid of humanity, values, and intelligence, and filled with frustration, rage, and impotence.

Michael Newberry, Idyllwild, March 12, 2023

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Board of Trustees:

“Malcolm Muggeridge later wrote. Even British intelligence was aghast at the scale on which its American counterpart was endowing the cultural Cold War. Remembering those ‘Elysian days’ in London ‘when the first arrivals came among us, straight from their innocent nests in Princeton or Yale or Harvard, in Wall Street or Madison Avenue or Washington, D.C.,’ Muggeridge was amazed at ‘[h]ow short a time the honeymoon period lasted! How soon our British setup was overtaken in personnel, zest and scale of operation, above all, in expendable cash! . . . The OSS–CIA network, with ramifications all over the world, came to outclass our once legendary Secret Service as a sleek Cadillac does an ancient hansom cab.’”
Saunders, Frances Stonor. The Cultural Cold War (p. 184). The New Press. Kindle Edition.

Common Sense Media’s Mission:

Common Sense Media’s Partners:

Gates Interview, February 1997 issue of George Magazine.

The Twitter Files by Matt Taibbi exposing U.S. Government’s censorship through Twitter:

Diana L. Nelson’s bio at Carlson:

Newberry, Michael. TOMBS 2 — Harvard Visual Arts:

Newberry, Michael. CIA Weaponizing Abstract Art and Its Fallout:

The science of PsyOp, I highly recommend The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare by Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler. I was mentored by Boone for a couple of years with the aim to understanding postmodern manipulation. It was fascinating to discover that psychological manipulation is real thing, i.e., a science.

“‘Bona fide’ foundations such as Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie were considered ‘the best and most plausible kind of funding cover.’ 15 A CIA study of 1966 argued that this technique was ‘particularly effective for democratically run membership organizations, which need to assure their own unwitting members and collaborators, as well as their hostile critics, that they have genuine, respectable, private sources of income.’ Certainly, it allowed the CIA to fund ‘a seemingly limitless range of covert action programs affecting youth groups, labor unions, universities, publishing houses, and other private institutions’ from the early 1950s.” Saunders, Frances Stonor. The Cultural Cold War (p. 113). The New Press. Kindle Edition.

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