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The Individual

When it comes to art, have any of us felt that special alive feeling of being in the perfect place at the right time? I think everyone has had at least one moment of bliss, and that wonderful moment, was gone before one could grasp “what the hell just happened?” Perhaps of all human activities, …


Through his art Michael Newberry answers what is love.

Towards Puccini

They say that art is the technology of the soul. The best of it integrates sensory experience, appeals to our thinking, an internal logic, our imagination, and taps our emotions. When those things come together it triggers our circuits to fire on all frequencies.


Michael Newberry, a painter born in 1956, known for his avant-garde figurative style, which aims to promote evolutionary flourishing through the use of innovative color theory, body language, symbolism, and composition. He is also the author of the book Evolution Through Art. EDUCATION AND EARLY-CAREER He began painting at age 11, after discovering Rembrandt. He …