“Major accomplishment. Major milestone. Beautiful work on many levels.” Stephen Hicks, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy

Michael Newberry

Michael Newberry’s website and blog, Aesthetic Evolution. In Heart, Theory, and Practice the Very Best Visual Art Alternative to Postmodernism.


Michael Newberry, b. 1956, is an American neo-romanticist painter based in Idyllwild, California. He blends a variety of influences, notably Rembrandt and the French Impressionists. His major works are typically life-sized canvases. His works are collected by internationally renowned people such as designer Chan Luu and philosopher Stephen Hicks. In heart, theory, and practice the …


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Just as the study of light needs a fundamental understanding of shadows, great art criticism needs a profound grasp of the means, motives, and premises of the snarkinator in chief Postmodern Aesthetics. But no negative critique is worth much without learning from art history, without better alternatives, and most importantly without some indicators of evolutionary art practices happening now.
Michael Newberry