Taking Color Theory To the Next Evolutionary Step

Newberry Color Theory is extraordinarily advanced. It might be the most important development in understanding the nature of light and color since Monet’s consistent execution of daylight colors of light and shadow. Newberry Color Theory compels the reader to conceptualize space, atmosphere, light, shade, and things as they are. And, the most difficult, to integrate …

Transparency – A Key to Spatial Depth in Painting Part 2, Color

Newberry Art Tutorials This online tutorial is a transcription from a 2002 lecture I gave at the Courage of Your Perceptions Conference (Satellite to the EC’s Vision Scientists’ Conference) in Glasgow, Scotland.Given a two-dimensional surface, transparency and contrast are a means to place identities/forms through spatial depth. In Part 1 I discussed how this theory …

Student Works During Quarantine

Very proud of my students, these works were done independently of me. They took what they had been learning and applied it on their own, self-motivated, and, in my mind, very successfully. Sonia painted the two girls from masterworks from the Prado, but they are free transcriptions. We’ve been working with color theory and forming the structure of the face. Sonia’s recent lessons with me was to freely copy some classic sculpture heads to learn form. The roundness in her children’s faces is superb. And they look like children, one of the most difficult things to do in art.

Student Testimonials

“I began art lessons with Michael as a true beginning student. Michael was patient and kind, but honest, which allowed me to progress while not feeling intimidated. I was excited to learn about technique with different media, color theory and light. Michael’s passion and knowledge instills positive energy in his students.”