Anatomy of Light

Understanding the makeup of light and shadow is a fundamental art tool. Indeed, you cannot create forms without it. Three-Quarters Classic Light A 3/4’s light is falling on this egg form.  This means that 3/4’s of the object is directly lit and the rest of it is in shadow. Four Key Elements Just looking at …


By seeing everything outside and inside of us, and connecting the dots we become magnificently alive and fearlessly free to explore existence, and turn those experiences into treasures of creativity.

Michael Newberry

Michael Newberry’s website and blog, Aesthetic Evolution. In Heart, Theory, and Practice the Very Best Visual Art Alternative to Postmodernism.


Perhaps the most difficult part is the introspective sorting of the emotions that lead and add up to a celebration of love. And to eliminate the cynical voices that have zero to contribute. And to be sensitive enough to have the “ah ha” moment when I see its manifestation in the models’ poses.

Pushing the Composition Envelope, Melissa Hefferlin Still Lifes

It is interesting to contrast Hefferlin with Picasso (he is one of my favorite artists). He created some of the best compositions of all time, but he frequently distorted the subjects – like the woman’s face, body, and other objects – to make very clever compositional arrangements. But in distorting reality so much he threw the baby out with the bathwater. He was visually saying that reality is a chaos of distorted perspectives that are not true to real life. What is exceptional about Melissa is her ability to tweak these pattern motifs while keeping a realistic perspective, a feat of integration that Picasso doesn’t match up to.