Paula Rego: Save it for the Therapist

Newberry critiques Paula Rego, Rego is celebrated in multi-million dollar establishments and magnificent institutions, her spectacular success has been hailed as equalizing the disparity of women in the arts. But isn’t it ironic that her message is that the world is evil? If one feels that way and can’t show a better alternative why bother?

Blarney at the Guggenheim

Barney Follows in the Wake of the Anti-Art Aesthetic of the Dadaists. The Cremaster Cycle exhibition is a project of five films with some of the sets and props that have doubled as installations. A few unique mediums he works with are tapioca and Vaseline. A cremaster is the involuntary muscle that creates the rising and falling of the scrotum.

Pandora’s Box Part 2

… pathetically, only Hope remained inside. In the other version the box held all of humanity’s glories. When she opened the box progress, knowledge, and exaltation vanished into oblivion, forever lost to humanity.

Pandora’s Box Part 1

A theme of shock is present in all these variations of postmodern art. Destruction of artwork is applauded. The use of methodical planning and mass voluntary help towards the outcome of tremendous financial waste that ultimately results in absence. Real-life debasement and violence are postmodern art forms. The postmodern art community rewards expressions of suicidal tendencies for the cause of art.

Terrorism and Postmodern Art

There are people in the world who can’t stand to see that beauty and creativity exist. The guy who took a hatchet to the Pieta of Michelangelo. The Taliban leader who chose to blow up the Buddhist cliff sculptures.