Cast Shadows

Cast shadow is a great compliment to painting light. Dali is a master of cast shadow and uses it often. Michael Newberry shows us how to make the most of them to help create light.

The Age of Delusion: Jerry Saltz, 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism by Michael Newberry

It’s a shame that Duchamp’s cynicism, Kant’s aesthetic nihilism, and the CIA’s misguided and malicious underwriting of Abstract Expressionism and its shills combined to foster hope of greatness to talentless, pretentious hacks. In his frank assessment of his art, Saltz is completely right. Expertise in drawing and painting, a grounding in art history, and vision, all those elements need to be mastered to become a great artist. Yet, instead of doing the massive introspective and technical work necessary, Saltz opts for a scapegoat. Truth is to blame.


By seeing everything outside and inside of us, and connecting the dots we become magnificently alive and fearlessly free to explore existence, and turn those experiences into treasures of creativity.


Perhaps the most difficult part is the introspective sorting of the emotions that lead and add up to a celebration of love. And to eliminate the cynical voices that have zero to contribute. And to be sensitive enough to have the “ah ha” moment when I see its manifestation in the models’ poses.


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I use drawings to accomplish something specific. In John’s Sunset I prepared for taking along as it would take to fully explore the loss of my brother. If I only have 5 minutes I might only concentrate on line, shadow groups, or gesture. But whatever I am focused on it is to do or learn something new.