Burke on The Sublime from my Upcoming Book, Evolution Through Art

Yay, my book Evolution Through Art is progressing, just finished the chapter, “From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.” The book so far, it is 3/4’s done, 32,000 words and 137 pages. Here is an excerpt: He [Edmund Burke] also notes that most people have an irresistible ghoulish fascination with public executions, so much so that …

Ep. 7 Kant’s Mathematical Sublime

Kant’s idea of the sublime is that it overwhelms our imagination, one example is the mathematical sublime in which the magnitude is too much for us to comprehend, like unlimited stars in the Universe. It can be argued that postmodern artist Christo’s Umbrellas fit the definition.

The Sublime

The experience of the sublime is to be looked for in art. Art integrates senses, emotions, and thought. The sublime in art elevates our sensory experience, heightens and taps our emotional potential, and furthers our knowledge. The sublime in art can give us a moral to the story, a stance towards living. At its best, the sublime in art inspires awe in our human potential and gives us a path to evolve as a whole being and as a species. Michael Newberry