Demo on Student Work, Color Theory and Light by Michael Newberry

Using color theory of cool shadows and warm highlights, I corrected this student’s painting. The student got stills with instructions of the steps, here it is simply a time-lapse. Shadows and distance are often either cool or warm, cool shadows imply a cool background. It works. I did about 12 steps, cooling up the background and shadows. For example, on the lips, I changed the blood-red shadows to violet,


Michael Newberry says, “If you have courage and need to explore art deeply I can help you get there.”

Newberry Color Palette

Newberry Art Tutorials In this 14 minute video I mix some of my favorite color combinations showing how you play with warm and cool colors, and how to tweak some highlights by the color you add.

Time-lapse, Triangulating Interior of a Provence Convent

Newberry Art Tutorials Time-lapse triangulation of a magnificent convent in France. 34 sec. One of the lessons from our @ProvenceArtExperience workshop April 2019, was how to draw this church’s beautiful interior using triangulation. It is an awesome technique which artists can use to place a few objects like a group of trees and a pond, …