In Evolution Through Art, Michael Newberry takes readers on a journey through the history of art and its relationship with human evolution. Beginning with prehistoric art and extending to contemporary figurative art, Newberry explores the impact of art on human society and the self.

Through the works of artists such as da Vinci and Van Gogh, Newberry illuminates the power of art to shape our world and our understanding of ourselves. He also examines the connection between Kant’s aesthetics and postmodern nihilism, and discusses Aristotle’s concept of eudaemonia.

Newberry introduces readers to innovative figurative artists who are changing the art world with their subtle and powerful works. He argues that art is more than just an aesthetic pursuit; it is a means of communicating the technology of the soul.

More than just a contemplation of art history, Evolution Through Art offers a moral platform for figurative artists to advocate for the restoration of beauty and humanity in art. Join Newberry on this insightful exploration of the relationship between art and humanity, and discover the incredible power of art to shape our world.

Whether you are an artist, a writer, or simply interested in the intersection of art and human evolution, Evolution Through Art is a thought-provoking and enlightening read.

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“I recommend this book—highly—to art lovers.”
Stephen Hicks, philosopher

Pandora's Box and Other Essays

There is a newly-discovered version of the legend of Pandora’s Box. In this third version insanity, despair, and hatred had overrun the world and Pandora, driven by a sense of hope, opened the box by unlocking it with a key. Out from the box rose up all the glories of humanity and they spread throughout the world with undiminished splendor. Pandora discovered that the glories had never disappeared, but it was humankind that had lost the key to identifying the magnificence that lay before them.

This collection of essays will give you the key that unlocks the transformative power of art.

Hicks, Newberry, Art: Modern, Postmodern, and Beyond

Have you ever been puzzled by the postmodern art shown in contemporary art museums? Or speculated on the motivations of postmodern artists and curators who show it? Or wondered what it says about our contemporary culture and if there is hope for our future? In Art: Modern, Postmodern, and Beyond, philosopher Stephen Hicks and artist Michael Newberry sift through the seemingly inexplicable aesthetic confusion to arrive at meaningful understanding of art and its antithesis. In this book you will gain an understanding of:

• How modernist reduction led to postmodern nihilism
• Why the postmodern experiment is self-defeating
• How understanding postmodern art enables us to remove it from
its favored status and replace it with more substantial art
• How aesthetic ideas matter in shaping flourishing ends
• How being reasonable restores excitement, confidence, and joy in everything to do with art

Newberry Color Theory

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