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Newberry, Evolution Through Art

What they are saying about Evolution Through Art:

“I recommend this book — highly — to art lovers.”
Stephen Hicks, philosopher

“There is a clear headed strength in Newberry’s words. He is a great figurative artist who is commentating on postmodern art. He is like a man staring down a vicious beast, and without flinching, is able to subdue it. And in this strength he is giving power to figurative artists everywhere.”
Brett Holverstott

“It is an absolutely AMAZING and mind-expanding book.”
Michael Reed

Newberry Color Theory

What they are saying about Newberry Color Theory:

“Newberry offers us 16 shimmering pastels, each exploring a dramatically different way to present light, shadows, spatial depth and entities themselves, and each of them (like each of Bach’s pieces) creating a different emotional mood thereby.”
Peter Cresswell

“If you are an artist that want to become True Master in your craft, this book is for you.
If you are a human looking for the secret of Happy Life, this book is for you.”
Petia Lilova Matschke

“Lovely, inspiring, full of expert advice.”
Jennifer Jane Hogan

Newberry, Exploring Depth, Light, and Love
Look for it this summer 2021